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INFOTECH was founded in 1997 with the intention of creating a highly skilled subject in the world of "Open Source" technologies and able to offer to business needs, answers "tailored made" and able to make developments on contracts and to act as systems integrator.

1. Mission

INFOTECH creates Devices, Applications and Services to improve the integration of the companies with the opportunities created by the Internet to SMEs and ISPs.

2. Skills

INFOTECH has high expertise in operating systems WINDOWS, UNIX, LINUX and designs and manufactures:

  • "Client-Server" applications using TCP/IP and the most common database systems, both proprietary and open source (ORACLE, SQL SERVER, MySQL) as much in management/accounting or in industrial environment .
  • "Web Based" application INTERNET-INTRANET-EXTRANET making developments both "server side" and "client-side" using the Java language and the main open source servlet container (Tomcat, Jetty, etc.) using the framework STRUTS and SPRING and most recent RIA.
  • Applications on platforms connected to the world of smartphones and Tablet (Android, iPhone OS)
  • Data transmission infrastructure of significant complexity both locally and geographically, making use of all transmission media (copper, fiber, satellite and terrestrial radio frequencies licensed and unlicensed) and using the protocol (FrameRelay, xDSL, Wireless 802.11x, etc.)
  • TCP/IP Infrastructure interconnected to the Internet using the main routing protocols OSPF, BGP and inter-corporate networks using all  the VPN technologies (IPIP, IPSec, PPTP, etc.).
  • Monitor and analysis of network traffic INTERNET-INTRANET-EXTRANET
  • Active and passive border security (through installation and configuration of firewall systems based on the Linux Netbox platform , intrusion detection systems etc.)
Thanks to the many experiences in many areas of computing, INFOTECH is proposed as a partner able to play a versatile, ranging from production code, the analysis of corporate information system with the aim of contributing to the growth of a primary value , which is the integration and interoperability between all internal and external information activities of the company.

3. Structure

INFOTECH pays particular attention to the training of its staff always combining a junior employee with a senior employee having more a decade of experience.

INFOTECH hosts each year "stage" of students from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Padova.
At present, the structure has two operative members and 9 permanent employees and will use different external professional collaboration.

4. Outside Bodies


INFOTECH supports the movement of Free Software and is a sponsor of the project PLUTO