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Designed for corporate use, the NetBox combines versatility, power and ease of use into a single solution for intranet management and internet connection.

Il can be configured for different Options that implement the following functions:

  • FIREWALL for maximum security to safeguard the local network. The Firewall option allows us to implement appropriate security measures, rendering the use of ports and specific protocols selective. With this Option we give an invulnerability garentee for all attempts of non authorized access to your local network. The dedicated conncetivity ADSL/HDSL requires, because it is expected to be a continuous connection, to take on appropriate security measures. Therefore the Firewall option enables the isolation from eventual undesired hosts.

  • VPN LAN-TO-LAN with IPSEC or SSL/TLS protocols (openVPN) to realize an intranet between geographically distant facilities using normal internet connections. It is feasible to use this Option between multiple Netbox apparatuses, or connected with whichever other device supports the IPSEC protocol standard.

  • VPN HOST-TO-LAN (Tunneling for nomad users) with PPTP or SSL/TLS protocols (openVPN) to allow single users to use any internet access point for access the local network, (on the client side it is sufficient to install and configure a free and available Software).

  • PROXY SERVER to allow shared internet navigation between users from your local network, limiting and controlling it. The Proxy Server allows us to define an IP address or range on the internal network of IPs (which are or not authorized to navigate online), and to create filters on time frames and urls (subsequently selectable in such a way as to generate an appropriate configuration for the setting in which the proxy is installed). It is also possible to configure the proxy in transparency mode and force the authentication through user name and password (NCSA), or an authentication using already existing credentials in a microsoft domain (NTLM). The Proxy Server option automatically manages and conserves the logs of every fulfilled connection through it: these files are then compressed and conserved in the local network and/or sent via e-mail, and/or synchronized on a specific directory shared online.
  • MAIL SERVER for the management of your mail domain "companyname.it" o whichever might be more popular, both towards the local network, and the internet. It will be feasible to configure all necessary mailboxes (unlimited number) with also an unlimited number of aliases and forwarding capabilities.
  • WEBMAIL enables the reading of e-mails lying in mailboxes on the Mail Server and the sending of new mail. The Mail Server on the Web will be visible online and completely user configurable (with a multilingual system).

  • ANTISPAM E-MAIL SYSTEM WITH CENTRALIZED ANTIVIRUS for control on all e-mails and all attachments sent in or out by the Mail Server.

This AntiSpam Service allows for the removal of pubblicity or unwanted messages. This system is based on the program Spam Assassin. This software uses a number of sophisticated techniques to identify unwanted mail:

  • by examinating different aspects of the content.
  • sending online service queries to identiffy the spam source.
  • using a very advanced statistic algorithm (Bayesian).

When spam mail is identified, the server sends the mail to destination, inserting the formula "***SPAM***" in the content .

In this manner, no post is deleted, but solely "marked", allowing for automatic storage in a default folder. 

These Services include the aquisition of the Antivirus usage license, valid for 12 months that allows for completely automatic daily updates with latest antivirus firmware available.

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