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Infotech has been developing software for more than twenty years in various sectors, placing side by side proprietary technologies to open technologies with a team of specialists (who have over ten years of experience and therefore have mastered not only of the installation and configuration, but also the capacity to implement updateds to the original features).

The production process of applications and/or integration is done through the daily use of Object Oriented languages ​​like Java, Python, PHP, Perl, Javascript, Smalltalk, Ruby, Groovy, C++ and tools Open IDE  as Eclipse, the engineering of software solutions created by Infotech follow strict criteria in all its phases (requirements analysis, design, implementation, testing, documentation) according to the methodology "Agile" using "UML Artifats" more appropriate and using open source versioning tool like SVN, where possible infotech follow logic of re-use of the software,  and therefore are used framework and/or well-established layer such as Struts, Spring, Hibernate.

Infotech develops web application interfaces using RIA technology and therefore makes use of AJAX and uses YUI and JQuery framework on which its developers are able to create new widgets.

Infotech is able to carry out developments on the various CMS ( JOOMLA, OpenCms, LIFERAY, PLONE/ ZOPE ).

Infotech is able to carry out  developments on the latest platforms related to the world of  Smartphone and Tablet  (Android, iOS)

Infotech has managed on several occasions on order projects with more than 100,000 lines of code and/or with more than 10 years/man of development and was able to operate and integrate with teams located in different parts of the world.

One of the areas that mostly involved the resources Infotech is the e-commerce in the field of tourism products in the B2C (business to consumer) mode through the creation of portals for online sales of all types of resources (Flights, Hotels, Cars, Transfers, Excursions, etc.) and B2B(business to business) mode through the development of portals for operators and through the development of middleware software that integrates with the information systems of Tour Operators.

In particular, the middleware developed in the last 5 years, built using Webservices technology and exchange of information using XML syntax, allows real time full digital interoperability of management system of the Tour Operator with all forms of aggregation of products born in the last years thanks to the Internet and created by IDS (Internet Distribution Systems) such as (GTA Hotelbeds, Kuoni, Miki, Paradores, Tourico etc..) and/or, using the above  instrument created by GDS (Global Distribution System) such as (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre) and/or created by swicth like Pegasus.

Through the use of Java middleware Infotech has been successfully integrated not only on customers using the Windows operating system and/or Linux but also on customers using the AS400 platform and/or other operating systems derived from UNIX.