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Essential (15 minutes)

The essential requirements for the configuration of residential resources are:

  • inserting general anagraphic info:
    • denomination
    • general description of resources in the chosen language
    • uploading a photo and setting it as default
    • address and georeferencing
    • contact details
  • set a room with a description, photo and filling in the availability calendar for every open day (for example the following 12 months)
  • setting up a price list ( same price for ever open day) for the category of room created in the previouse point.
  • setting up the deletion rule (without penalty)
  • opening up distribution channel on which it is intended to place products (like the ones in the following point)
  • create a product and assemble it using elements created on previous points
    • price list
    • cancellations
    • rooms
    • give at least one distribution channel

Minimum (20 minutes)

Other than what is expected from the essencial configuration,it is necessary to add:

  • other rooms and at least one room for each category (single, double, triple, etc) (and if all rooms with the same living space and outfitting are held by the same subject, the master mecchanism is used, which allows for one availability to be shared throughout all the rooms with the same master)
  • on the price list it is essencial to add the prices relative to the type of rooms added.
  • on the product, it it necessary to add the use of the added rooms.

Basic Revenue Management

Standard (30 minutes)

To realize a minimum revenue management, the manager of the tourist resource, other than what is planned by the minimum configuration, it is necessary to add:

  • children age groups management
  • differences in daily prices
  • diversified cancellation rules
  • products with diversified cancellation rules and product business rules

To facilitate these tasks, the price management may be done through managing groups and manipulating the annual callendar graphically.

The booking of the various rooms may be controlled via graphic means.

Every product can be Open/Closed through an Open/Closed calendar.


Last Minute (15 minutes)

To create a configuration that manages the "last minute" changes, meaning that it enables that possibility of having certain rooms at certain prices (often on discount) with the arrival date that coincides with the check-in date, other than operating as provided by the standard configuration, it is necessary to add:

  • a specific product (maybe cloned from a previous one so to maximise dataentry reduction) and to use Early Booking and Duration parameter
  • a cancellation rule of "Non Refundable" type and connect it to the product described above.

For example, if it is necessary to sell one or more categories of room with a 30% discount in case the booking is done on the checkin date, then it is sufficient to lower the max early booking value to 1 and set the Product Business Rule to -30%.

In case a dry spell is forseen for a certain time frame, and "last minute" sales are not quite sought after, it is always possible to act on Open/Closed attribute to temporarily block the unsold rooms.

Packages (30 minutes)

To realize a package offer (as done by many sesonal residential facilities) it is sufficient to:

  • use Min/Max Stay product parameters and eventually the arrival date and the day of the week.
  • configure ancillary services

The HotelWhiteLabel Plus is organized so to fully exploit these potentials and allows for:

  • a modified research so to determine which are the packages offered by a residential facility in a specific time period.
  • to highlight eventual mandatory ancillary services which are part of the offer (and may or not be part of the price).
  • to configure eventual optional ancillary services

Booking Management

Control of bookings is managed by a dedicated tab.

Hotel WhiteLabel

One example of how information inserted into the CRSEngine can be used, is by the Hotel WhiteLabel service who can visualize a demo on the URL www.bortolotto.eu/it/bookingonline-hotel-bortolotto where a CMS like Joomla is inserted into a Hotel WhiteLabel that distributes the hotel demo "bortolotto".