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The Travel Automation Tools is a collection of software tools that offer a complete and efficient digital interaction between all operators of the travel supply chain (Accommodation, Transportation, Ancillaries, etc.).

We have more than 20 years of experience in the digital automation of travel processes and the illustration below depitcs the travel market and its fundamental interactions between the main groups of the tourist industry. These interactions may be enabled by our products at a given point in time.

 Travel Automation Chain UK

The Travel Automation Tools cover two essential requirements: 

  • to make fast and easy, the development  of connections between many different product/service providers
  • to make fast and easy, the development  of interactions with customers

To achieve the above requirements we created:

  • Travel XML Proxy an IT Platform that uses a standard API (Application Program Interface) so you may develop code once and never have to change your code if ever there is a change in suppliers.

  • CRSEngine an Inventories  (DB) for Accomodation and Ancillaries yet still usable by a large variety of clients (from the owner of a single accomodation to a wholesaler of many accomodations or a Destination Management Organization).

  • HTML Applications a set of dynamic HTML pages that are customizable  through changes in the CSS files making a complete standard booking flow.

These Travel Automation Tools  have all been developed internally by our high skilled team since  the beginnings of Infotech, following the best practice of software engineering (Software Development) and taking full advantage of our collaborations with many different big Travel Operators (National and Multinational) .

The Travel Automation Tools are deliverable NOW.

The Travel Automation Tools are delivered "as a service" or "licensed".

We are only a technical enabler so our customer  will never be bound to only one specific supplier (sometimes, to facilitate  some small customers, we act as an hub towards wholesalers and/or distributors).

Our API's are based on  OTA international standard (Open Travel Alliance) and may use  XML or JSON for message exchanges.

Our gateways are connected with most of the largest companies of the tourist industry (Accomodation, Flight, etc.) and are continously updated with new connections. (the fullfillment  of  a new connection is feasible within less than a month of a given request).

Furthermore, our gateways are complient  to the new standard IATA (International Air Transport Association) also known as the NDC (New Distribution Capability).

Our Tools enable both "on line" (Synchronous)  and "on request" (Asynchronous)  interactions for process (for example: quotation flow or in the booking flow).

They are also are fully localizable and configurable for as many languages,  as demanded. Additionally, the Contents and labels  are also fully localizable for each of our HTML Applications.

All the HTML Applications are responsive  and compatible with a large number of Browsers and devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone).

The kind of Travel Operators/providers, to which these products are most suited, are: 

Demand Aggregators 

The IDS Internet Distribution System and the OTA Online Travel Agency can use our  TravelXMLProxy to quickly  develop connections to a large pool of accomodation wholesalers, or to all the flight GDSs  (Global Distribution Systems) like Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport (or to the low cost carriers like Travelfusion).

TravelXMLProxy supports features such as:

  • parallel multi-provider query (more than one provider at the same time)
  • syntax translation
  • content and flow harmonization
  • content custom mapping
  • waiting last answer or progressive answer
  • short time response caching
  • static data caching
  • overhead less than 15% of the original provider response time

Apart from TravelXMLProxy, Infotech supplies an HTML application (Travel Agency Fly Book) that gives every IATA Travel Agency the opportunity to professional flight booking, for example the use of custom PTCs (Passenger Type Codes)  like labour, emigrant and other or for fares that differ from the usual public fares.

Thanks to it's simple HTML interface, an IATA Travel Agency may open new flight ticket selling points without the need to hire high skilled operators with previous "GDS criptic" experience

Product Aggregators

The Wholesaler or the DMC (Destination Management Corporation) can use our CRSEngine (or Booking Engine)  to develop a digital inventory for thousand of accomodations and ancillaries with a webservices interface to sell online (like for example Hotelbeds) or to make a destination or a tematic portal using our showcase HTML Application.

Owners of Travel Resorces

The CRSengine is a FREE solution (no hidden costs) for the Owner of Travel Resorce that enables a digital on line management of their resources.

With the Free Plan every owner may manage/check online from wherever, whenever, and as they see fit:

  •  the digital repository for descriptive content (texts and/or images) organized in descriptive chapters (with the "plus plan" this contens are also deliverable to third parties using  OTA-API web services, so as to maintain the ownership and  control of any on line media).

  •  the digital repository of availability and price for the accomodation unit (with the "plus plan" this information is also deliverable to third parties using the webservices OTA-API web services and in this way the availability and price of the direct channel could be displayed online by the comparators like Trivago (or other) beside to the availability and price of any other IDS like for example Booking or Expedia).

  •  the digital repository of fares with a flexible fare descriptor.

  •  the digital repository of quotation and/or bookings and given that many different operators use the CRSEngine, the backoffice interface may add and cancel reservation in real time eliminating risk of overbooking, with the price being calculated using the fare rules specified by the owner.
  •  the evolution of bookings, in the time between the booking date and the checkin date (such as: cancellation, no show) with every cancellation restoring correctly the availability in the repository.

Also, with the Plus Plan the owner has an HTML Application working alone or inside an HTML IFrame tag. This  HTML application is a true not intermediate booking flow with online/offline payment collection.